Alcohol and Health

Alcohol is something that has been around for thousands of years, so you would have thought that we would know a little about the potential effects that it could have on your body. Surprisingly this isn’t the case, with a large number of the patients that I see unaware of the long-term health implications of drinking too much alcohol.

I therefore felt it important to discuss some of the more common questions asked and I have created a video series to do this. I have covered important basic information like knowing what a unit of alcohol is to identifying the damage that can be done. I hope that you learn a lot from these videos and that they help guide you to making informed decisions regarding your alcohol intake.

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How much alcohol can I drink and still be safe to drive in the morning?

A lot of people are unaware that they can still be under the influence of alcohol the morning after a night of drinking. Even if you have managed to sleep you could still be over the legal drink-drive limit.

How is this possible you might ask? It is simply a matter of knowing that your body needs approximately an hour to remove one unit of alcohol from your blood. It is therefore important to consider this when you are out for a drink and also useful to recognise how many units of alcohol that you are drinking. The DrinkAware unit calculator can be found on our useful tools page and it will help you calculate how many units are in your favourite drinks and how many units you consume on a typical night out.

There is no way of speed up removing the alcohol from your blood and you ideally want to remain within the daily limits of alcohol consumption to guarantee that driving under the influence of alcohol is a problem in the morning. It is best that you do not take the risk of driving when “drunk’ as it can inhibit your reflexes and coordination, potentially endangering yourself and other road users.

Want to lose weight? Reduce your alcohol intake.

It is surprising how many calories are hidden in alcohol and I have found a great infographic that explains all from DrinkAware. Take a look below.

Unit infographic still