As you may have noticed from my caricature on the AskDocJames site, this is a condition that is close to my scalp! I realised that I was succumbing to male pattern baldness in my early twenties so I am fully aware of the issues surrounding this delicate issue, which can be damaging to self-esteem and confidence, if you let it. So, I thought I would make a load of informative videos, which will give you all the facts that you need to make a decision about what to do when you notice that your hair is thinning.

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What causes thinning of the hair?

A lot of the blame can be laid at the feet of your family, as the main cause for male pattern baldness is genetic. Take a look around at the male members of your family, if they are all bald or balding then it is likely that, at some point, you will follow suit. If they are middle-aged with thick crops of hair you may escape, but nothing can ever be guaranteed with genetics. Male baldness has a classic pattern of hair loss and you normally notice the thinning at your temples and on the crown of your scalp.

How to treat hair loss?

There are fortunately a couple of treatment options for hair loss, the first of which is available from a pharmacy without a prescription. This drug is called Minoxidil and comes in the form of a lotion. Watch my videos on thin hair treatments for a guide on the strengths of this lotion and how long you will need to use it before you can expect to see an effect. There is also a tablet available, called Finasteride, which is only available in a private prescription in the UK, but your Doctor can prescribe it for you after explaining the treatment to you. My video on treatment for male baldness covers the dosing and potential side effects of this drug.

Costs of treatment for loss of hair

Minoxidil and Finasteride are not available on the NHS, which means that they have to be privately funded. When doing my research for this, in the Spring of 2012, the costs of Minoxidil were between £8 and £20 a month, and this cost depends on the strength of the lotion that you go for. Finasteride is available online for about £1 a tablet, making it about £30 a month. If you are going to start this treatment you should be aware that any gains that you make with treatment will halt and potentially return to pre-treatment coverage if you stop treatment. The reversion will not occur overnight but if you want to maintain the results, you will need to keep up the treatment.