Ouch! Sunburn, the curse of the Summer months for people of all skin colours. Yes, even people with the darkest of skin tones can get burnt and every time you burn you are likely to increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Sunburn is caused by the damaging UV radiation that comes from the suns rays and during the summer these rays are at their strongest. I know that the UK doesn’t see too much sunshine, so everyone is out in it when the sun is shining. Because of this I urge even more caution because of that extra risk of getting burnt, especially those of you with paler complexions. My sunburn videos cover important topics from protection and prevention to sunburn treatment and risks of skin cancer associated with getting burnt. I hope that my videos reinforce the importance of being sensible in the sunshine and how to manage the problems if you are not.

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Can I get sunburnt in the UK?

The answer to this may sound obvious (that the answer is yes), however to some it seemingly isn’t! This has to be the conclusion made from a recent poll of UK women by the cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support, who talked to 1500 women only to find out that nearly a quarter of them did not wear sunscreen when they were in the UK. The poll also found that of those that do wear sunscreen that more than 80% of them did not apply it appropriately and a third were wearing sunscreen with SPF of 10 or less. The recommendations suggest at least SPF 15 with broad-spectrum cover for UVA also, paler skin tones should be considering SPF 30 or more. You can get burnt in the UK and to put this into perspective there are over 2500 deaths from skin cancer every year.